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Silstar Legacy Combos
Silstar Legacy Combos.Silstar has recieved a makeover for 2010 season with new age technology and designs.Legacy Combos are the pinnacle of Silstar's range offering quality gear at affordable prices.
Dunbier glides out new trailer range
Dunbier glides out another new trailer range.It's new glider series trailers offer superior support for boats ranging 5.3m to 7.5m.Built on fully-rolled and galvanised frames.
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Honda releases brand new BF60 outboard four-stroke engine it expands the premium product range available to Australian boaters.Slotting in between the widely-acclaimed BF40/50 and the BF75/90.
Rapala Give a Dog a Bone
Rapala With the introduction of the X-Rap Subwalk 15,a big brother to the original that was introduced last year.It offers anglers a larger presentation with a running depth of zero to four feet.
Simrad Broadband Radar debut
Simrad Broadband Radar makes its debut.Simrad has unveiled its revolutionary Broadband Radar,designed for use with its Glass Bridge integrated helm solutions and NX series multifunctional displays.



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Posted19/03/09 11:00:00 (Australia/Sydney)
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Indications are that southern bluefin tuna are once again being caught on the continental shelf off south-west Victoria and Port MacDonnell in South Australia, prompting an appeal for fishers to show restraint by taking only what they need.

The Executive Director of Fisheries Victoria, Peter Appleford, says tuna between 30-50 kilograms have already been caught, creating great opportunities for anglers and local business operators.

Improved weather conditions this week are likely to prompt more anglers to pursue this exceptional fishing opportunity.

However, even one 40 kilogram southern bluefin tuna is a lot of fish for personal use, so we are asking fishers to have second thoughts about catching more southern bluefin tuna if they have already taken one fish.

Dr Appleford also reminded recreational fishers they are not allowed to sell their catch.

Fisheries Officers are closely monitoring the influx of fishers to south-west Victoria and penalties will apply to anyone trying to sell tuna or exceeding the bag or possession limit.

A daily bag limit and possession limit of two fish per person applies in Victoria, of which no more than one southern bluefin tuna may exceed 120cm in length Dr Appleford says fishing for the migratory southern bluefin tuna is subject to an international convention between Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and Korea.

There is global concern for the long-term viability of this species as current stocks have declined to a fraction of former levels.

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