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article_reviewStaaten River Queensland - Barramundi


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Posted10/09/06 08:53:33 (Australia/Sydney)
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from Inkerman, QLD

Staaten River Queensland - Barramundi

Wyabba Junction Barramundi
Wyabba Junction Barra
Just went on a 2 day camping trip to the Staaten River. This is a photo of the 50th barra I got in 6 hours fishing. Adam (the bloke I went with who is the fisheries officer here) was also on 50 with the other fish. We stopped counting after that but estimate we got about 200 Barra for the day and a half fishing. Gave the SWIK's a real hammering and they all caught fish. The Barra really liked the beer pearl coloured Shad you sent me. Even finally got one on one of the Large Floater hard body lures you sent me.

by Jason Jesse

Barramundi 7
Barramundi 5
Barramundi 6

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