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Roger Miles
is located in Bendigo, VIC
is a Spooled User since 25/02/2007
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Roger Miles grew up on a farm in Central Victoria with a family who were all keen anglers it was here his addiction to fishing grew. Bryan Miles, Rogers’s brother is a fishing guide in the Northern Territory.

Roger Miles with Murray Cod 2
Roger has a huge amount of fishing experience and has fished a lot of different locations throughout Australia targeting species such as Australian Bass, Golden Perch (Yellowbelly), Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks, but the Mighty Murray cod is his passion.

Roger worked in the television industry for 16 years and due to restructuring in the industry a career change was made into the tackle industry. Roger has been a regular fishing writer for magazines such as Freshwater Fishing, Fishing Monthly Group, (V.F.M) and Provincial Fishing Magazines, (North East Angler and South West Fishing).

The time spent in the tackle industry reinforced Rogers’s belief that there was the demand for a native guiding business in Victoria/ New South Wales. Roger has had good results in native fishing competitions.

Roger Miles with Murray Cod 3

Rogers results

  • 2nd in Teams, Mulwala Classic invitational 2006
  • 2nd in Teams, Lake Windamere Golden Classic 2005
  • 1st Champion Angler, Mulwala Classic invitational 2005
  • 1st Largest Murray Cod, Mulwala Classic invitational 2004
  • 3rd Champion Angler, Mulwala Classic invitational 2004
  • 2nd Champion Angler, Mulwala Classic invitational 2003

In 2005 Roger and his wife Deanne Miles started Cod Hunter Fishing Tours. It has been a great success as their client base continues to grow. Roger enjoys sharing his knowledge about fishing with his clients and gets great satisfaction in the positive feedback and seeing the improved catch and release rates amongst his clients.

Roger Miles with Murray Cod

Cod Hunter Fishing Tours did a segment with Offshore Productions in 2006. Roger managed to cast and retrieve a Murray cod on a spinnerbait measuring 103cm. Roger has just finished filming another segment at the Loddon River with Offshore Productions which will be available in April 2007.

Cod Hunter Fishing Tours
Telephone: (03) 5448 3286
Mobile: 0427 483 286


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